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01 . Invariable Steadiness
We’ve made efforts to produce the Non-Woven fabric products steadily during 20 years since our foundation in 1994. Until now, Even though there have been many crises such as “IMF” monetary and foreign exchange crisis, we’ve always overcome these through productivity and company-structure improvement. And all of the employees love the company heartly, and are creating happy and pleasant atmosphere. Then, these factors have been harmonized and making HADO FNC invariably excellent.
02 . Commitment to R&D
Even the time we were in our prime due to a booming economy, or when we went through hard times, we always tried to research and develop the new technologies. Based on our continuous endeavors regarding R&D, we have the same philosophy from CEO to employees, “R&D is the power which can give us infinite possibility.”
03 . Present Status of HADO FNC
Establishment 1994
CEO Jong-Eon, Ha
Main Products interior and Exterior Material of Motor Vehicles, Industrial Non-Woven fabric
Main Customers Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, Renault Samsung Motors, GM Korea,
Ssangyong Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation
Location : #39 Yugyo-Ri, Kunnae-Myun, Pochun City, Kyeonggi Province, S.Korea
Products : Needle-Punched carpet, Trunk mat, Floor mat, Industrial Non-Woven fabric, Laminating
Location : 527-3, Gamam-Ri, Gasan-Myun, Pocheon City, Kyeonggi Province, S.Korea
Products : industrial Non-Woven fabric, Heat Treated Non-Woven fabric, Surface Treated Non-Woven fabric